Let’s beat blanketweed with…

A revolutionary new product developed specifically to beat the blanketweed menace

Over the last few years a number of products have been introduced into the aquatics market in an endeavour to solve the dreaded Blanketweed menace. Products that include Chemicals, Herbicides, Bacteria, Dyes and Magnets etc, etc, all with varying results.

New from the Laboratories of the Total Pond Solutions comes the XTERMINATOR. A revolutionary new product developed specifically to beat the blanketweed menace…


XTERMINATOR is a sophisticated electro-mineralization device that is simple to use and operator friendly in application.

Do not confuse the XTERMINATOR with the usual magnetic or wrap around wire calcium suspension devices currently on the market.


How Does The XTERMINATOR Work?

The Xterminator is simple to install, there is no messy pipe cutting or interference with the pond pump performance or filtration system, the XTERMINATOR is simply floated in the pond by means of a moulded lightweight float which can be located at the most convenient position in the pond.

The Xterminator uses the process of Electro- Mineralization, a process developed by the NASA space programme in the production of pure drinking water in space travel to eradicate water borne algae from the water supply.

We at the Total Pond Solutions company have taken this technology and developed a product that is revolutionising the fight against the dreaded blanketweed – the end result of 5 years development is the XTERMINATOR.


Electro-Mineralzation is the process of using micro electronic impulses to efficiently introduce into the water a safe controlled quantity of a desired mineral that is absorbed by the algae inhibiting its reproductive capabilities.

The Xterminator uses a high purity copper anode (called the sacrificial anode), this anode is dissolved by the electro-mineralization process and its dissolution rate is controlled by microchip circuitry built into the XTERMINATOR unit.

The process is similar to electro-plating….. but in REVERSE, instead of coating the anode we are dissolving the anode and producing copper ions that are distributed around the pond for the blanketweed to absorb.


There are three models of the XTERMINATOR unit, simply select the correct size for your pond. The XT7000 treats ponds up to 1200gals/5460lts , XT15000 up to 3000gals/13650lts or the XT27000 up to 6000gals / 27300lts, multiple units can be used for larger ponds.

The Xterminator is suspended in the pond by means of a moulded lightweight, non degradable float that allows the XTERMINATOR to be located in the most appropriate position in the pond as a preventative or curative device. Installed in minutes…. NOT hours, no pipe cutting, no interference with your pond pump performance, simply plug in and float!

The XTERMINATOR is powered by a safe low voltage outdoor rated transformer and comes complete with 1.5mts mains cable and 5mts of low voltage cable (3m & 6m extensions are available).

How long do I use XTERMINATOR?

The comprehensive instruction manual that accompanies the XTERMINATOR shows exactly what to do and when to do it, complete with hints and tips. Simply refer to the instruction manual for your size pond and unit and float the XTERMINATOR for the number of days indicated. After this time period simply remove the XTERMINATOR from the pond and watch the blanketweed disappear over the following 7-10 days.

How do I know if XTERMINATOR is working?

Designed in the head unit of the XTERMINATOR is a unique LED light indicator system. This LED system informs the user of the status of each process whilst the XTERMINATOR is operating, all the guesswork has been eliminated. Simple to use and understand.

What happens if I leave the XTERMINATOR on too long by mistake?

The micro processor circuit in the XTERMINATOR has an inbuilt safety cut out that automatically puts the unit into stand-by mode EVERY 24 HOURS and informs the user by means of a yellow LED light. The XTERMINATOR has to be manually reset each 24 hour period ensuring accurate and concise treatment of the blanketweed.

What do I get with XTERMINATOR kit ?

The XTERMINATOR kit comes complete and includes:-

1 x Lightweight non-degradable float unit
1 x Outdoor low voltage transformer
1 x 1.5 mts mains cable
1 x 5m low voltage cable (3m & 6m extensions are available)
1 x Full instructions including pond size / treatment chart
2 x Pond quality test strips
1 x Full guarantee
1 x Cleaning and maintenance tips

A comprehensive range, to suit your own requirements


Treats ponds up to 1200gals/5460lts


Treats ponds up to 3000gals/13650lts


Treats ponds up to 6000gals/27300lts

Replacement Copper Anodes


Replacement Copper Anode

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Replacement Copper Anode

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Replacement Copper Anode

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